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Skin Care & Esthetics

Our exosomes are lab tested to prove they contain the highest quality proteins that have NOT been denatured (damaged) during processing. They are also tested to verify a High Concentration of High Quality proteins/ml.  (Proteins are what induce damaged cells to change and denatured proteins are significantly less able to stimulate cellular change)

Our exosomes contain High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (HMW-HA), an anti-inflammatory that promotes tissue healing, scar reduction and can diminish the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles.


Hair Restoration

Our specialized proprietary Hair Restoration program utilized the most advanced technologies. With a multi-faceted approach to hair growth and maintenance program, Revive Health & Wellness can create the desired outcome you have been looking for a more younger and confident you!

Face Filler Injection
Test Tubes

Natural Cosmetic  Exosomes

Our exosomes are derived from 100% Pure Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’S) that act in our body to Repair, Reconstruct and Regenerate damaged cells.

Exosomes are ‘tiny packets’ of information that can make changes in our skin

and tissues. These acellular (non-cellular) vesicles (packages) are the new method to help repair damaged cells.

Exosomes deliver packets of "information" to neighboring cells.

This helps maintain a healthy physiological environment by introducing that much needed young, vibrant proteins within the environment.

(i.e. Collagen, Growth Factors, Chemical Messengers, etc).

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